Richard L. Roudebush V.A. Medical Center, Indianapolis

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Renovate Waiting Rooms

The Richard L. Roudebush V.A. Medical Center Renovate Waiting Rooms project consists of renovations and upgrades to finishes of 16 waiting rooms and adjacent restrooms throughout the hospital on all levels. Includes new flooring and base, wall treatments, ceiling tile, signage, and lighting in some areas. Select reception desks will be replaced in their entirety to provide an open and inviting reception area. Built-in storage provided in select areas. Adjacent patient restrooms will be completely renovated with new finishes and fixtures to be ADA compliant. Resin panel half walls are designed in locations for patient privacy at reception desks. Furniture layout will be revised to provide patient privacy. 


• New Finishes, Including Flooring, Wall Treatments,
  and Ceiling Tile
• New Signage
• New Lighting in Select Areas
• New Reception Desks
• Built in Storage in Select Areas
• Renovation of Patient Restrooms to Include New
  Finishes and to be ADA Compliant



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