Electric Works West Campus


LEED® Consulting (Pursuing LEED® Gold Certification)

For this project, Viridian is providing LEED® Consulting for the site and building redevelopment of the former General Electric Campus, located in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, with the intent of pursuing LEED® Gold Certification as defined by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council). Consulting services include LEED® based guidance and administration for each of the project teams throughout the three (3) phases of the certification process, which is based on the LEED® v3 / 2009 Rating System. Buildings included in the West Campus Redevelopment Plan are 19 (250,000 sf); 20, 22, and 22A (36,000 sf); 21 (7,000 sf); 23 (30,000 sf); 26, 26A, and attached additions (275,000 sf); 27 (76,000 sf); and 31 (135,000 sf). The West Campus will be Phase 1 of 3 of the Redevelopment Plan.

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• Fort Wayne, Indiana
• LEED® Consulting
• Pursuing LEED® Gold Certification
• Site & Building Redevelopment


Electric Works West Module 3

Electric Works West Campus LEED® Consulting

Electric Works East Original 1 Sky LEED Logo 2

Electric Works East Campus LEED® Consulting

Endress Hauser Flowtec

Endress Hauser Flowtec LEED® Consulting

Endress Hauser LP Module

Endress Hauser L&P LEED® Consulting

Fort Hood Module

Fort Hood Child Development Centers LEED® Consulting

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Rochester Learning Center LEED® Consulting

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Indiana Tech Wilfred Uytengsu, Sr. Center Renovation

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Feitler Residence New Construction