Westville Facility Assessment Report

Viridian began working with MSD of New Durham Township in the Fall of 2016. A Facility Assessment Report was generated for the MSD of New Durham Township Westville Schools Facilities. The report assessed the quality and condition of all facilities included on the Westville Campus. Each facility was inspected, evaluated, and documented for issues including; roof systems, door systems, building envelope systems, interior finishes, gymnasiums, athletic fields, mechanical, electrical, data / telephone communication, plumbing, parking, hardscapes, and playgrounds. The report included recommendations and probable cost estimates for each building system based on the collected data and observations. The assessment provided the MSD of New Durham Township with the needed information for their future funding requirements needed to maintain their investments.


• Field Observations began in Fall 2016
• Campus Wide Interior and Exterior Assessment


Campus Geothermal System

Campus Geothermal System

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FWCS Haley Elementary

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FWCS Glenwood Park Elementary

Rochester Learning Center

Rochester Learning Center

Wilfred Uytengsu

Wilfred Uytengsu Center

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Westville Facility Assessment Report

Fort Wayne Community Schools

FWCS Northwood Kitchen

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FWCS Towles Tech Renovation

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FWCS Facilities Renovation

new tech 3

FWCS New Tech Academy


Rochester Facility Assessment Report

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Rochester High School

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Rochester Riddle Elementary

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Rochester Columbia Elementary

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Rochester Middle School

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