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LEED® Consulting (Pursuing LEED® Certification)

A new 80,400 square feet addition to the existing Flowtec AG building located on the Endress ÷ Hauser campus in Greenwood, Indiana. The new facility will include two story office space, employee courtyard, manufacturing, as well as warehouse space. Viridian is serving as the LEED® Administrator and consultant to a local architectural and engineering firm due to our wealth of knowledge of similar LEED® project types. The building is pursuing LEED® Certified level certification under the LEED® 2009 (v3) New Construction Green Building Rating System. Endress ÷ Hauser is focused on sustainability and knows that this project will serve as a shining example of their commitment to preserving the environment while minimizing their impact on the planet with a more energy efficient building.


• An 80,400 Square Feet Addition
• A  Two-Story Office Space
• Viridian Served as LEED® Administrator
• LEED® Certified
• Sustainable and Energy Efficient


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