McClish Lake Residence


New Residence

This 2,300 square feet, Eco-Friendly home was constructed by a local high school construction trades class. The home was built with 4” structural insulated panels (SIPs) that provide a continuous R-24 insulation value. Of over 12,000 homes tested by the Touchstone Energy Homes Program, this house had the best HERS rating to date (score: 45). This home also has a photo voltaic (PV) system that provides alternative energy to offset the home’s overall electrical consumption.


• New 2,300 Square Feet Eco-Friendly Home
• 4” Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
• R-24 Insulation Value
• Open Floor Plan Concept
• Built By High School Trades


Roanoke Module 2

Roanoke Residence New Construction

Lake Tippy Module

Lake Tippecanoe Cabana & House Assimilation

Winona Lake Module

Winona Lake Residence New Construction

Feitler Residence Module

Feitler Residence New Construction

Lake George Renovation Module

Lake George Cottage Renovation 

Lake George Addition Module

Lake George Cottage Renovation / Addition

McClish Lake Cottage Module

McClish Lake Residence New Construction

Roann Residence Module

Roann Residence New Construction

Utter Residence Module

Utter Residence Renovation 

Mid Century Modern Module

Mid-Century Modern Residence New Construction

Huntington Deck Module

Huntington Residence Deck Renovation

Smith Barn Module

Smith Barn New Construction

Ward Barn Module

Ward Barn Facade Renovation & New Horse Arena