Mid-Century Modern Residence


New Residence

This project includes conceptual renderings for an approximately 2,500 square feet private residence. The home is designed on slab in a wooded lot just outside Allen County. Design incorporated environmentally and human health friendly FF&E, including no VOC paints and coatings, LED light fixtures, and custom hardwood casework.


• New 2,500 Square Feet Residence
• Natural Stone Facade
• Modern Gas Fireplaces
• Custom Hardwood Throughout


Roanoke Module 2

Roanoke Residence New Construction

Lake Tippy Module

Lake Tippecanoe Cabana & House Assimilation

Winona Lake Module

Winona Lake Residence New Construction

Feitler Residence Module

Feitler Residence New Construction

Lake George Renovation Module

Lake George Cottage Renovation 

Lake George Addition Module

Lake George Cottage Renovation / Addition

McClish Lake Cottage Module

McClish Lake Residence New Construction

Roann Residence Module

Roann Residence New Construction

Utter Residence Module

Utter Residence Renovation 

Mid Century Modern Module

Mid-Century Modern Residence New Construction

Huntington Deck Module

Huntington Residence Deck Renovation

Smith Barn Module

Smith Barn New Construction

Ward Barn Module

Ward Barn Facade Renovation & New Horse Arena