Midwest Veterinary Supply


New Distribution Center

A new 50,000 square feet distribution center for Midwest Veterinary Supply is located in Summit Park II in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The new facility serves as a regional hub.  The building is primarily designed for automated distribution conveying systems.  With six individual loading docks, the building is always busy.  For the storage of special veterinary medicines, there is also a 2,400 square feet refrigerated cooler system that is centrally located within the building.  The business end of the building serves as the primary entrance for visitors and vendors.  The two-story office space consists of private offices, open office space, conference rooms, restrooms, and a break room for employees.


• 50,000 Square Feet Distribution Center
• Serves as a Regional Hub
• Automated Distribution Conveying Systems
• Includes Six Individual Loading Docks
• A 2,400 Square Feet Refrigerated Cooler System


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Midwest Veterinary Supply

Midwest Veterinary Supply

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