Heritage Park - 122nd Fighter Wing



2012 Park Master Plan

A new public park to be located at the entry to the U.S. Air Force – Air National Guard 122nd Fighter Wing in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The new park will highlight eight static display aircraft that were used during the prestigious past of the 122nd Fighter Wing. The displays will enable visitors a first-hand look at the aircraft while they enjoy an interactive narrative that will be transmitted through their own personal smart phone or smart device. The park will also provide picnic and meeting opportunities at a new pavilion, a new playground for children, and a monumental display outlining the history of Fort Wayne, Baer Field Airport, and the 122nd Fighter Wing. The park will be accessible by automobile, as well as bicycle and foot traffic, on the adjacent county park trail system.


• Eight Static Display Aircrafts Displayed
• Picnic and Meeting Opportunities at New Pavilion
• Playground for Children
• Accessible by Automobile, Bicycle, and Foot Traffic
• Trail System Destination


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Heritage Park 122nd Fighter Wing

Heritage Park 122nd Fighter Wing

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