Pike Memorial Park


2010 Park Modernization Master Plan

The 2010 Pike Memorial Park Master Plan focuses on the continued development of a 23 acre park.  With the assistance of a diverse group of local citizens, community leaders, companies, and organizations we were able to develop a highly detailed list of current priorities for the park.  Those items include new playground equipment for toddlers and youth, a new ADA accessible restroom building, renovation of the existing pavilion buildings, additional parking, new incoming electrical service for the entire park, a new soccer field, new sand volleyball courts, new pavilions, enhancements to the existing basketball and tennis courts, new horseshoe pits, a community fire pit, a new rock climbing wall, additional trees and landscaping, and a future splash pad or park.  This project is scheduled to move into the design development phase in early 2011.


• 23 Acre Park Modernization
• New Playground Equipment for Toddlers and Youth
• ADA Accessible Restroom Building
• Renovation of the Existing Pavilion Buildings
• Electrical Service for the Entire Park
• New Soccer Field, and Horseshoe Pits


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Pike Memorial Park

Pike Memorial Park

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