Old Crown Coffee Roaster



The Old Crown Coffee Roasters has a new home with the renovation of an existing 3,470 square feet building.  This new coffee shop brings about some change to Old Crown’s menu.  The new facility includes a coffee bar, wine and spirits bar, and a small portions restaurant with seating for up to 80 people.  The new dining space provides amenities for the entire family as well as the “21 and older” crowd.  Patrons are able to hook up to free Wi-Fi and catch up on the day’s events or simply enjoy the outdoor seating area overlooking the vegetable gardens.  The new facility was renovated with an eco-friendly concept in mind.  The use of light tubes (to reduce the need to have the lights on during the day), geothermal heating and cooling, and low VOC paints help reduce the impact of this project on the environment.


• 3,470 Square Feet Renovation
• Includes Coffee Bar, Wine and Spirits Bar
• Seating Up to 80 People
• Eco-friendly Design Concept
• Full Cooking Kitchen


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